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Club Update: 30 December 2016

Happy new year to all members and participants at CFA! There is not much time for a rest though as CFA is gearing up for our new year with some big events on the way.  First up are the State IFAA Titles on 18/19 February 2017.

Apart from our regular club events we are also hosting our annual Branch Shoot a lot earlier this year  - 20/21 May 2017.  Please note this is a significant change from the timing of this event last year.

Please check out the updated 2017 calendar on this website for all the CFA shoot dates, also including the Branch, State and National events on offer as well.

Membership fees for 2017 will be due at the first shoot date back – 5th February 2017.

There will be a number of working bees in the first half of the year to establish and re-set some courses and get some work done in preparation for the events we are hosting as well as improving our club so plan to get involved if you can. These are also listed on the calendar.

For regular club shoots a reminder that the format of the shoot may change on the day dependent on turn-out, conditions etc. The shoot director will decide on the day with input from those attending.

Also a reminder to potential members that there is a requirement to join ABA in conjunction with joining our club.  This is because we are fully affiliated with ABA and they cover members for public liability insurance while participating in club activities.  Fees are reasonable compared to a lot of other sports and other archery associations. There are concessional and family membership rates available.  Ask at the club if you need more information. Club fees are calendar year based, ABA fees are for 12 months or 3 years from when you join.

If you are a current financial member of Archery Australia or 3DAAA you can visit us for a shoot without having to join ABA.  This arrangement is under the Archery Alliance of Australia. You will pay the same shoot fee as other visitors.

CFA location direction (please click on the image for larger view).


Directions to CFA
Directions from Tharwa Bridge:

Turn left as you go over the bridge to Tharwa from  Canberra. Travel 1.7Km’s along Naas Road. You will pass Cupacumbalong on the left, you will pass over a Ford, just past the Ford will be a Model Aeroplane club. On the left should be Smith’s Road, it is signposted and has an Archery sign on it. Travel 3 Km’s up Smiths road, the first 1 Km will be bitumen and then turn to dirt as you crest the hill. You will come to some high voltage power lines that cross the road. Just past this on the right will be the entrance to the archery club. It is sign posted.

Enter the gate and close behind you. 800m along the dirt road will be the Archery base camp.

Capital Field Archers is located at a scenic field range overlooking Namadgi National Park and nature reserves, along Smiths Road, south of Tharwa in the ACT. This is the home of the new CFA, and the good news is we have secured access to the land under an agreement managed by ACT Parks and Conservation.